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released November 11, 2015

"rain on a Sunday"
produced by t. hemingway:

additional vocals by
kid a:
nonchalant savant:

produced by t. hemingway:

additional vocals by kid a:

scratches by kay wil

produced by 4real & t. hemingway
additional vocals by zeroh

"Love Is."
produced by 4real:

recorded at home
mixed by Zeroh: & i

mastered by Swarvy:

photography by dana washington:

art direction by DeChazier Stokes-Johnson:


all rights reserved


Track Name: annotation
"you realize when you come in to see a musician...musicians never talk to you, you know...i decided i'd just talk to you, you know. i just wanna tell you...some of the music is - is really not geared for your bumping's geared for you to for those of you who don't think too much...i'm just telling you 'bout that shit before we drop it on you"
Track Name: complacent Pl.
living in my head all day

living in my head all day

all day all day

now i've been patting my proverbial pockets like I ain't got it

lying to yourself is still lying - liar liar

I'm standing still cause I'm scared of falling afraid of flying

like -

if anybody's trying to find me, I'll be

posted up on complacent pl.

while my real life's on layaway

black Dilbert from day to day

knowing good & well that it ain't the way

suit & tied up like J & Jay

fixed schedule w/ a fixed wage

no wonder why he stays w/ a fixed face

feeling like he's running in a fixed race

tried to put it on silent, ignore my calling - but it just kept calling

wouldn't stay quiet

alerts kept piling

wait, why you ain't smiling?

it's your turn at wheel of the fortunate

ain't spinning, nor grinning

ain't playing that game

now your life's at a road w/ a fork in it

f'na get fed or mislead, orca sh--

talking black & white

you could lack or lust

you could drive the car or you could ride the bus

but it ain't gon' work if you don't pull up

unchaining day, free your freedom up

so follow your gut

breathe easy, yoga

you w/ it or what?

you better

c'mon c'mon c'mon c'mon
Track Name: rain on a Sunday
conflicted like rain on a Sunday
life could be a one-way
wrong turn, DTLA
self destructive as a salty snail bitter 'bout living cause it can't bring itself to shake its shell
well well well
lada didi dadida ey ey ey ey
lada didi dadi ey ey ey
lada didi dadida lada didi dadida
ey ey ey ey
Track Name: Calidelphia

you know it's always sunny here in Calidelphia

always sunny here in Calidelphia

well, how you been?

where you been?

what's it looking like?

man, I couldn't complain

life isn't mundane

forever changing

coming in waves

going in waves

one of the ways I cope

when out of hope, is just to know

that nothing lasts but ever lasting never lasting

right now is all we've had

tick tock better move with tact

on your toes, to be exact

no more drawing up a dream on an etch a sketch...

shaking it cause I made a left

when I realized could've made a right

I was in the dark til I found my light;Doug intro

what is your life like?

what the forecast say?

erryday erryday erryday

hey hey h-hey h-hey

Track Name: wayside
what would you do if it all came to tumbling down your first round?

stomach ain't grumbling now

ain't cause you ate, you lost your appetite

a fear of flight

yo, that ego is a liar, dude

got you afraid of the very thing you're built to do

how're you afraid of the very thing you're built to do?

are you afraid of the very thing you're built to do?

we're hard-wired for hard times

in need of updates, not ripping out insides

you got what you need to get what you need

you are what you need

you get what I mean?


sometimes my mind be in a frenzy in an ornery state, but I'll never jot lines that you couldn't relate

along the way I got lost

tryna find me

or am I just a jewel standing still feeling stymied?

dark sky scenery flying by me

clouds overhead ignoring the silver lining

teetered on edge of

pawning in


now I know the ledge

I had within, honing in

in a zone, was gone - back in the flow again

book of life - leaf printed, turning in wind - & something bout it's all stranger than fiction

how you could dictate your day w/ your diction

or the vibes w/ your mind

w/ your thinkin

gave advice in the past on affliction

on illcan, if you asked

hope you're listening

are you living in the past

or the present?

now is all you got

I'll ask, won't advise

while you're trudging on your path

you let it go

like the dropping of a dime

all them bindles that you're binging on the side side side side

set em down

set em down on the wayside

set em down on the wayside


Track Name: Love Is.
somebody tell me why

that it is when I'm with the one I dig I always drop the ball

got me singing like the same ol' song

on that old David Ruffin; ain't too proud to beg, it's nothing

got you rosy-cheeked, blushing

digging me, I see you shoveling

Cupid's harpooning got we swooning

utensil-town spooning

say hello to Jell-O pudding pop

that's a little bit much, should probably stop

on a second thought, I'll probably not

cause the way I sold that, Bill would be proud

all I really ask is that you build with me now(2X)

all I really ask is that you bear with me now

take a vaca'[tion] for the day when it gets wild

wanna b with you, constant consonants

no complication via them vowels [vows]

we could just b

skipping i & e

just j-walk into the street harboring no fear towards that sunset

what I like about you, you ain't gotta know how

you do what you do & it is what it is

do what you do & it is what it is

you do what you do & it is what it is

what I like about you, you ain't gotta know how

you do what you do & it is what it is

do what you do & it is what it is

to be with a person you really dig

Love Is
Track Name: riptide
feeling like Will(y) Smith it's
summer summertime
walk hard, talk clean but -
only when I rhyme
lately - I been kinda like - going w/ the tide
not too long ago my mind was racing towards the finish line
like - what doth life?
what a bizarre ride
one minute we liquid
9 months, then we living
or was we living before that?
oh god - I'm thinking too much
thinking is chewing
being is eating
you hungry or what?
I try to tread like that, but
the riptide of my mind got me drifting right back (2X)
Track Name: What's the use of being here if you ain't here right nao?

what's the use of being here if you ain't here right nao? (∞ X)


said what's the use of being here if you ain't here right nao?

not now but right nao

whatchu doin sitting 'round

thinking & drowning out the sound

bringin the pain


no need to be so technical

got one mo question, hear me out


living in this present tense

hence why

we got this gift today

everyday's a holiday

turn of phrase that goes to say

rip the wrap w/ no delay

all we need is what we got

why we wait to celebrate?

probably gets more meta that

but mo betta than talkin blues

livin livin in your head all day

elopin w/ imagination

hella time is wasting

I'm late

when I'm livin in the past tense

I'm late

when I'm caught up in the labyrinth

of my mind

wanna be me completely

observe the absurd [thoughts]

like - I don't put that on, that's my word

Zeroh verse:

this is it

this is all

this the shit its a ball


i cant help but laugh and

level up in love its terrific

im terrified

these days we rarify

in the zone with the i

yes i blissed as the messiah

save yourself from the fire

fuck frick frack look front n back

aint nuttin but the black of the expanse

this yo chance enhance ya hands and toss yo scorn by the horns in the dance

its an amazing balance

on that center line

take the challenge

aid ur talent

mind body and spirit'll intertwine

enter the dragon it's adventure time