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what would you do if it all came to tumbling down your first round?

stomach ain't grumbling now

ain't cause you ate, you lost your appetite

a fear of flight

yo, that ego is a liar, dude

got you afraid of the very thing you're built to do

how're you afraid of the very thing you're built to do?

are you afraid of the very thing you're built to do?

we're hard-wired for hard times

in need of updates, not ripping out insides

you got what you need to get what you need

you are what you need

you get what I mean?


sometimes my mind be in a frenzy in an ornery state, but I'll never jot lines that you couldn't relate

along the way I got lost

tryna find me

or am I just a jewel standing still feeling stymied?

dark sky scenery flying by me

clouds overhead ignoring the silver lining

teetered on edge of

pawning in


now I know the ledge

I had within, honing in

in a zone, was gone - back in the flow again

book of life - leaf printed, turning in wind - & something bout it's all stranger than fiction

how you could dictate your day w/ your diction

or the vibes w/ your mind

w/ your thinkin

gave advice in the past on affliction

on illcan, if you asked

hope you're listening

are you living in the past

or the present?

now is all you got

I'll ask, won't advise

while you're trudging on your path

you let it go

like the dropping of a dime

all them bindles that you're binging on the side side side side

set em down

set em down on the wayside

set em down on the wayside




from copeæsthetic, released November 11, 2015
produced by 4real & t. hemingway

additional vocals by zeroh



all rights reserved