complacent Pl.

from by Versis



living in my head all day

living in my head all day

all day all day

now i've been patting my proverbial pockets like I ain't got it

lying to yourself is still lying - liar liar

I'm standing still cause I'm scared of falling afraid of flying

like -

if anybody's trying to find me, I'll be

posted up on complacent pl.

while my real life's on layaway

black Dilbert from day to day

knowing good & well that it ain't the way

suit & tied up like J & Jay

fixed schedule w/ a fixed wage

no wonder why he stays w/ a fixed face

feeling like he's running in a fixed race

tried to put it on silent, ignore my calling - but it just kept calling

wouldn't stay quiet

alerts kept piling

wait, why you ain't smiling?

it's your turn at wheel of the fortunate

ain't spinning, nor grinning

ain't playing that game

now your life's at a road w/ a fork in it

f'na get fed or mislead, orca sh--

talking black & white

you could lack or lust

you could drive the car or you could ride the bus

but it ain't gon' work if you don't pull up

unchaining day, free your freedom up

so follow your gut

breathe easy, yoga

you w/ it or what?

you better

c'mon c'mon c'mon c'mon


from copeæsthetic, released November 11, 2015
produced by me



all rights reserved