from by Versis



The word(s) came to me after a phone conversation with my brother. I realized that despite the things we still have to sort through, light/love never dies



you know it's always sunny here in Calidelphia

always sunny here in Calidelphia

well, how you been?

where you been?

what's it looking like?

man, I couldn't complain

life isn't mundane

forever changing

coming in waves

going in waves

one of the ways I cope

when out of hope, is just to know

that nothing lasts but ever lasting never lasting

right now is all we've had

tick tock better move with tact

on your toes, to be exact

no more drawing up a dream on an etch a sketch...

shaking it cause I made a left

when I realized could've made a right

I was in the dark til I found my light;Doug intro

what is your life like?

what the forecast say?

erryday erryday erryday

hey hey h-hey h-hey



from copeæsthetic, released November 11, 2015
produced by t. hemingway

he sent me the stems & i messed w/ a few things

additional vocals by kid a

scratches by kay wil



all rights reserved