by Versis

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Debut album!

01. "Thesis" prod. by T. Hemingway

02. "iLLCANDESCENT" prod. by T. Hemingway

03. "The Journey" (4U) prod. by Dibia$e

04. "Life Story" (Story of My Life) prod. by Exile

05. "Dig This!" prod. by T. Hemingway

06. "Spittin' In the Wind" prod. by fLako

07. "Love is Love" prod. by T. Hemingway

08. "Slow Down" prod. by T. Hemingway

09. "Rain Rain Rain" prod. by T. Hemingway

10. "In Your Dreams" prod. by T. Hemingway

11. "The Need" prod. by BMB

12. "Life After You" prod. by T. Hemingway

13. "Travelin'" prod. by T. Hemingway

14. "Gotta Love It" prod. by Listed

Art by Black Marmalade


released August 9, 2010

Mastered by Dave Cooley for Elysian Masters



all rights reserved
Track Name: *bonus* "Gotta Love It"
the bare necessities, a pen & pad in front of me, see, that's the basic recipe of what I need, so I could keep it comin', hot & steamin' out the oven;gotta love it know you're hungry, now it's time to eat. you gotta love it(8Xs)

growin' up I never had much, but didn't use it as an excuse-noose to hang myself up, impervious, didn't let it do me damage, flipped the script from protagonist, writing's how I manage, never did I ever have to shoot or pass the rock, like the system, these bars are all I really got for ya, brotha, either get knocked or get locked, when I come through the spot, I'm lettin' off via lyrics, non-constructive critics, zip y'lip, not tryin' to hear it, some use Head & Shoulders, some stay flakes, others say they love you when you knowin' that they're fake, careful who you're shunning, some got their heads on straight, though it's kinda hard to know who's friend or foe, let your network grow, but who am I?, cause all I know is that...


A'yo I'm 18 now, & I lack the know how on how this all gon' turn out, wish I could take the scenic route, a wanderlust, a yearning burnin' to see what the world's about, aside from preconceived thoughts or what the nightly news reported, gotta see it for myself, media mind-state contorted, always been the one to take the roads less traveled, wing-it as I sing-it, sit back watch my live unravel, keep my fingers crossed, not for luck, but 'cause I rep the West, divin' into life's sea of stray bullets, no vest, my art's official & I know the artificial gon' test, but it ain't gon' phase me if nobody praise me, Hip Hop hair in my mouth got me spittin' crazy, but who am I?, just some boy that's on the mic sayin' the game's been kinda flooded by too many that don't love it, tellin' the fans don't feed-in, 'cause a glutton don't need it!